Flying Sites -- Sapwi Trails

Sapwi Trails is a site which in the new Sapwi Trails Park. This park is quite large and is being developed for recreational use such as glider flying, off road biking, disc golf and so on. The TOSS field is the Upper Terrace and has been laid out with concrete padss for siting the launch equipment, and a large artificial turf landing area. There is a large car park with restroom adjacent to the launch area. Access to the site is off Westlake Blvd at Rainfield Ave. (north).

The park is scheduled to be officially operned on the 22nd September.

There are a number of rules for flying there agreed with the Conejo Parks and Recreation District.

First -- the site is restricted to unpowered models only. No electrics and definitely no quadcopters -- the local Homeowners are watching. No electrics includes no ALES, sorry.

Second -- Fliers must keep away from the houses to the left of the launch area and not fly over or beyond Westlake Blvd. Thie boundaries of this no-fly zone are published at the kiosk by the launch are. Boundaries will be enforced.

Third -- People flying at this site should be covered by adequate insurance. TOSS members are also members of AMA so have insurance. Some small gliders may be covered by homeowner's insurance, but fliers should check and confirm this. AMA membership is inexpensive.

Fourth -- Fliers are expected to keep to established flying practice (AMA rules) and any rules in force by the FAA, including temporary flying restrictions.

There are other provisions in TOSS's Memorandum of Understanding, these are published at the kiosk.
Sapwi Trails