Flying Sites -- Sapwi Trails

Sapwi Trails is a new site which is currently under development by CRPD. TOSS has the use of the Upper Terrace, a large flat area off Westlake Blvd. Our use of the field provsional and is subject to a Memorandum of Understanding with CRPD, the terms of which have to be strictly adhered to. Important points are:-

Access to the site is through a gated entrance off Westlake Blvd. Fliers are to make a right turn into the entrance when arriving and a right turn nack onto Westlake Blvd. when leaving. Under no circumstances may anyone entering or leaving the stie make a left turn onto or off Westlake Blvd. We are also not allowed to stop on Westlake Blvd. when accessing the site. Note that all left turn pockets on the hill are signed no U-turn, the first legal U turn can be made at the top of the hill by the North Ranch community center.

Flying at this field is restricted to TOSS members and guests, all of which must be covered by AMA insurance -- that is, paid up TOSS / AMA members. This site, like Redwood, is for non-powered models only -- no electrics or assisted launch planes.

The launch/land area will be used for cross country meets -- youth sports -- and as at Redwood we have to defer to organized sporting activitiy. (These events are expected to be sporadic and occur durng the week so probably won't affect us.)

There are houses to the north of the field in a gated community (Montecito Ave.) Do not fly near or above these houses. Also do not fly at low altitude over Westlake Blvd.

Access to the site is through two locked gates. The padlock combinations are not published. Although we're allowed to use the field any day we fly regularly on Sunday mornings when the field gates are usually left unlocked.

Although the grass in the flying area is cut regularly the site is still undeveloped, the surface is similar to a slope site with weeds and foxtails, so both fliers and their planes need to be prepared accordingly.
Sapwi Trails