Flying Sites -- Wood Ranch

This is not an official TOSS site, its is on open land that is part of the Rancho Simi Park district. It is a large west facing slope adjoining the "South Canyon View Trail" that starts on the north side of Long Canyon Rd. The slope is on this trail at the top of the second hill. Access starts from the car park at the junction of Wood Ranch Parkway and Lang Canyon Road (TG 527:E1, 34.2285N:118.8027W). From the car park you walk down Long Canyon Rd to the crosswalk (about 100 yards), cross Long Canyon Rd. to the south side and enter the trail a bit further to the east (it is signed for hikers). The trail winds up the south facing slope of the hill to the top, then around the top of the hill to an extensive west facing slope. The best flying is not on at the summit of the first hill but a little further to the north where there is not just the slope but also a large area to land planes. This slope is suitable for all types of planes, from fast combat to large scale planes and is flyable from morning to dusk when the wind is right.
Wood Ranch